About Artist Anne Gunderman

Anne Gunderman has been acclaimed throughout the US, Europe and Canada for decades. A master of fine arts in the true sense, her imagination surpasses any art ever imagined or conceived. Her style is uniquely her own, unable to be copied or imitated. Numerous awards have attested to her unparalleled talent.

Her art speaks for itself! Anne Gunderman's destiny has led her thru temples of art and learning. Her imprint has been made in the National Womans Hall of Fame, The Hockey Hall of Fame, Womans Pavillion 2001 and many other places. She maintains studios in Buffalo, NY and Florida. Many universities have recognized her work including University of Buffalo, Canisius, Daemen etc. Many medical institutions display her works of children including Childrens Hospital Buffalo, St Josephs, Tampa, Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center etc. Corporations all over the world have graced their offices with her work. Political figures have sponsored and endorsed her art. But mainly the public have embraced her art as part of their homes with a place in their hearts.

Join the many followers and collectors of Anne Gunderman's art. Anne Gunderman, B.S., M.H.A., M.F.A. artist, print/maker - owner